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Hotel Coruscant

On a doomed blockade runner
Empire on their tail
Darth Vader nabbed Leia
And he threw her in jail
Two droids in an escape pod
They landed on Tattoine
Got caught by Jawas and sold to a farmer
But R2 soon fled the scene

Luke and 3PO chased it
Into the desert when
He got mugged by some sandpeople
But they all fled from a hermit named Ben
R2 showed Ben the message
Leia calling for aid
Obi-Wan told Luke about his dad,
How he had been betrayed…

This lightsaber was built by your father
Passed before his time (Was a friend of mine)
Luke, you are strong with the Force just like your father,
Let it be your guide, Be a Jedi Knight

In a Mos Eisley cantina
They meet Chewbacca and Han
They take the Falcon to Aldebaran
But it was gone
They get caught by the Death Star
But not for long
They break out the Princess
That's when things go wrong

They jump in the compactor
It starts to get tight
and so Luke calls C-3PO to shut it off and
R2 sets things right
And so the rescuers ran to
The docking bay
Obi-Wan gave his life to save them all
And they got away

This lightsaber was built by your father
Passed before his time (Was a friend of mine)
You can be a Jedi Knight just like your father
It's your destiny, Don't get killed like me

They rejoin the rebels
Death Star floor plans in hand
Han takes his money to go pay Jabba back
Before he gets canned
So they studied schematics
And planned the big attack
They've got to score a direct hit
On a teeny little crack

Luke got in an X-wing
Things were looking pretty grim
Darth Vader almost nailed Luke good,
But Han came and rescued him;
Kenobi's ghost spoke up:
'Use the Force, Luke,' he advised;
Luke shot blind and blew the Death Star up
Boy, was Darth surprised.

Dominick LaLicata, 2000

Unless otherwise credited, all parodies © Devon Apple 2015
Original songs and lyrics used without permission for purposes of reference.
Like they care.

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