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The sad, dimly lit space between romantic yearning and monastic devotion, when the monk and the lover both lay their prayers at a cold, silent altar and resolve to wait until the flood passes.


Streams of dread from your stalwart cup--
A porcelain coast surrounding an arid sky.
I am only a prisoner of that broken picture--
A fevered window above your sacred space.

As salt platitudes surround me,
Morning streams through
My almost blushing eyes.

May 2000

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f m r l

Celebrate delerious subterfuge
When love smokes like a blaze of honey
Brazen in a hot onyx cup
And after
A flood of languid perfume
Your delicious laugh
Brilliant caramel


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Bare concrete and gilded marble
Shine above a frantic blue sea
Smooth mist broken by the brilliant spray
Gates festooned with blushing blood petals
White peach trees
Austere above
The winding road

June 2000

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