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Zodiac Vignettes - Collaborative astrological poetic/graphic project by me and my friend, Angela Cooke.
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Some silly haiku I've written. Edgar Allen Poe
Asleep upon the sidewalk
Why's he not snoring?

I'm such a hero,
Riding into the sunset-- D'oh!
Hit the backdrop.

They may be just blanks
But they still hurt a lot if
You eat too many.

Wearing a big hat
Ensures that the bad guy has
No problem aiming.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
I'm Slartibartfast;
I helped make the Earth, Mark II--
Didst like the fjords?

It says "Don't Panic"
In large friendly letters, yes,
The Hitchhiker's Guide.

Vogon poetry:
I'd rather chew my arm off
Than listen to it.

All poetry Devon Apple 2006

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