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Gaming is a peculiar hobby. People hold many misconceptions about the phenomenon, and the people who choose it as a source of recreation. Nevertheless, within the gaming world there are poets, actors, entertainers and teachers, folks for whom gaming is but one of many social outlets.



Dreams of Deirdre

Dreams of Deirdre is a LARP troupe started by friends Lori and David Priebe, Erik Oberlin, Wendy Werges, Matt Leslie and myself. We traditionally run games at DunDraCon and KublaCon.

We even published our own game system! Click here for more information.


A Bay Area gaming convention filled with indie RPGs and LARPs. Held every October, in Oakland, CA. Proceeds go to Doctors without Borders and the Alameda County Food Bank.

Other Conventions

DunDraCon - San Ramon gaming convention on Presidents' Day weekend
KublaCon - San Francisco gaming convention on Memorial Day weekend
PacifiCon Game Expo - South Bay gaming convention on Labor Day weekend
Renaissance d20 House rules for a one-time Renaissance d20 D&D game.
Other Gaming Sites

Barf Forth Apocalyptica - Apocalypse World forum
DFRPG - official Dresden Files RPG forum
The Atomic Think Tank - Mutants & Masterminds forum
Fate Core - official web site (click here for the SRD)

My Gaming

My current gaming preferences span a number of indie RPGs. Fate Core, and the Dresden Files Role-Playing Game, take up most of my table time, though I have run games of Apocalypse World, Mythender, PDQ, Dogs in the Vineyard, and a few others). The list of games I *want* to play or run is quite long.

My live-action gaming experience is almost entirely limited to conventions, most of which have been put on by our own troupe, Dreams of Deirdre.

One previous longtime gaming outlet was 3rd-edition D&D. My first official convention-sponsored tabletop 3e game was "Nyamban Son," which I ran at KublaCon 2004: the game was set in the Nyambe: African Adventures world supplement. I also ran a SpaceShip Zero game at Con-Quest/Avalon SF 2005 and DunDraCon 2006. I have also run "Shelter in Place" a number of times at several conventions.

I have also played Feng Shui, TVRPS, Aberrant, and AD&D 2e.

As it stands, I rarely play more than twice a month. Conventions are when I get to indulge in a lot of gaming, with a variety of people. Thankfully, I usually have a great time not only with Dreams of Deirdre and our LARPS, but also with a few Con-sponsored games.

I have another gaming-adjacent obsession: Cards Against Humanity, for which I have created a library of custom cards.

Gaming and Health

Certainly, gaming is a sedentary hobby, and although the majority of gamers are not loud partygoers, drinkers, smokers--in other words, not a hard-living crowd--we are nevertheless prey to their own health risks, due mostly to diet and sleep deprivation. The most common source of cholesterol is not only the food that is traditionally consumed at games--pizza, chips, dips, fast food, etc.--but also the soda that seems to be the lifeblood of gamers. Jolt, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Root Beer--all beverages made with processed and refined sugars can contribute to a phenomenon known as "sugar spiking," which happens when large amounts of sugar are consumed in a short period of time. For some reason, this is about as effective an artery blocker as Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and many a gamer who otherwise eats a well-balanced diet can be laid low by the constant infusion of sugary beverages. Scientific proof may exist elsewhere, but I've known people who, though trim and healthy in appearance, had absurdly high cholesterol scores, which their doctors traced back to binge consumption of processed sugars. Soda is not the only high-sugar substance abused while gaming: chocolate (even good chocolate), and other processed sugar candies, come with the same risk.

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