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This poem is a Lovecraftian angle on Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous unfinished poem, "Kubla Kahn."

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In science labs did faceless men
A lucid dreaming-dome devise;
Where theta waves adrift would span,
And dreamings unbeknownst to man
Would show to dreaming eyes.
So twice four hours of honied sleep
With sighs and sorrow were sounded deep:
But slumber wishes fled, replaced with guilt,
Where faltered many a frenzied elegance;
And here were nightmares hot remorse had built,
Enfolding darkened spots of penitence.
But oh! that deep enduring passion which beckoned
Down the forlorn span, from which no one could wake!
A savage place! as forests gnarled and fecund
Hide chiming nymphs that sing of stars unreckoned
Where dreamers tear and cry, as their spirits break!

Devon Apple, February 9, 1999

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