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Dr. William Dyer:
Antarctic voyage: a research quest,
U. Miskatonic funded, staffed by the best
Strange creatures buried
Under the ice
They woke and killed some people
Not very nice

I don’t wanna abandon this trek
But it seems like an ill-fated wreck
Something’s killing and dissecting us
It’s awful
So I really don’t care what we find
I just wanna get back to my kind
There’s a monster the size of a bus

A Shoggoth!
Damn me!
No escaping from its killing spree.
It's frightening, and I see
That it's coming down to chew on me!
Yeah its thousand eyes searching,
Its mouths all bite:
Wish I had a case of dynamite!
A Shoggoth!
Let's flee!
Madly piping "Tekeli-i-li"!

Professor Lake:
I’m a professor
These finds are fascinating
Come here and see
Not vegetable, and
Yet, not animal
The Necronomicon said
These are credible

They were here before dinosaurs rose
They’ve got giant starfish as their toes
“Elder Things” or “Old Ones” are their names (they’re waking)
They created big, jelly-like things
A Swiss-army knife monster that clings
They escaped, and have found our base

A Shoggoth!
Eat me
Won’t you make a little treat of me
I’m right here, and I need
To let you consume my entirety
Yeah you once served the Old Ones
But you broke free
You deserve a treat, and that is me
O Shoggoth,
Yes, please
Won’t you come and nibble down on me!

Dr. William Dyer:
Yeah, this tunnel’s quite ancient
These murals frighten me
See here their neat arrangement
But there they break down, you see

Old Ones made Shoggoths work
Shoggoths fought to be free
They overthew those jeks (and)
Sank Old One society

I just wanna get away
I don’t wanna be sorbet
Just hope the plane can take off
Before we’re meat snacks for

Let's flee!
Hear it coming to chomp down on me!
(down on me!)
It's frightening (fright’ning);
It's surely (surely)
Forming mouths and limbs effortlessly
Yeah your eyes are all winking
Your mouths all bite
Wish I had a case of dynamite!
A Shoggoth! (Shoggoth)
Fuck me! (Let’s flee)
Madly piping "Tekeli-i-li"!

This Shoggoth
One freak
With a nightmarish morphology
We’re safe now, but we see
Nightmares rising from that chilled quarry

Devon Apple, 2015

Unless otherwise credited, all parodies Devon Apple 2015
Original songs and lyrics used without permission for purposes of reference.
Like they care.

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