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Vox Animi

This shouldn't rightly be called a parody, for it was not intended as satire so much as to identify with the song.

As I read it, the original song, "Vox," speaks of the strength of the narrator's feelings for her true love who has died.

This is an exploration of that dead lover's thoughts as he watches from the afterlife as his lover still cries for him; he sings alongside her, occasionally echoing her, for they were strongly united, and perhaps they will be together once more, beyond the veil.

It conforms in rhyme and meter to the original song "Vox," and I echo one or two phrases from other of Sarah's songs, so it cannot rightly be called an original work, and thus falls into my section of parodies.

Click here for the lyrics to the original song.

From the dark beyond the veil I hear your sigh
In dulcet tones, your voice implores me, softly asking why
(but) Your words tear forth inside me, and in silence I remain,
To see you now, in mourning for a love that died in vain.

-- Oh, why?

Through your sighs, which echo over dreams of desert sky,
Your up and down this barren wilderness, your voice without reply,
I feel it all returning, yet I cannot turn away
I see you now, your song descending on a windless day

-- Oh, why?

The faceless crowds surround you, and I'm lost without your eyes,
(and) Their flailing bodies, tangled loneliness incarnate, start to rise,
I try to penetrate their dance, to hold you, but I fail
And I see you now, receding from my sight beyond the veil
You're gone, and I'm lost inside this wilderness of sand beyond the veil...

-- Oh, why?

Devon Apple, 1997

Unless otherwise credited, all parodies Devon Apple 2015
Original songs and lyrics used without permission for purposes of reference.
Like they care.

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