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Star Trek: The Space Opera

Being a 5-year mission (currently on hiatus) to seek out Episodes of "Star Trek: TNG" to pair with the music of Les Miserables, and write new lyrics to go with the musical.

  1. Introduction ("Look Down")
  2. Encounter at Farpoint
  3. The Last Outpost ("Valjean Forgiven")
  4. DataLore (“Javert's Suicide”)
  5. Heart of Glory/Reunion/Redemption (“At the End of the Day”)
  6. Skin of Evil (“Come To Me /Fantine's Death”)
  7. Pen Pals ("Castle on a Cloud")
  8. Yesterday's Enterprise (“Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”)
  9. Hollow Pursuits ("On My Own")
  10. The Most Toys (“Lovely Ladies”)
  11. Best of Both Worlds (“One Day More”)
  12. Best of Both Worlds (“Upon These Stones“)
  13. Tapestry (“Who Am I?”)
  14. Rightful Heir (“Master of the House”)
  15. Descent (“Red and Black”)
  16. Descent (“What Have I Done?”)
  17. All Good Things (“Confrontation”)

All lyrics copyright 2006 Devon Apple and Dominick LaLicata. Names and characters invariably copyright 2006 Paramount Pictures, or whoever currently owns the Star Trek rights. Names and characters have been used without express permission for purposes of parody.

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